Back to school!

I’ve used a lot of the same decorations as last year (remember I’m a middle school teacher — huge big theme rooms, although very cute, give me a headache). But I’ve managed to change it up a bit with some Pinterest inspiration.

My mom had a vinyl word kit that she bought but never used – so I took the opportunity and but it right by my window! I thought it was cute. 

Poster I made inspired by Pinterest. I projected it on my whiteboard, taped a poster board up there and traced! No cost 🙂

TACOS and TAG are two things that I do regularly in my Pre-AP course. If you’d like to learn more about them visit the Doing Social Studies blog. 

Pinterest. Project. Trace. Color. Free. 
Found this quote on Pinterest and absolutely loved it!! Very middle school/high school appropriate 🙂
My Bulletin Board: another Pinterest inspiration.

View of my desk area. It looks a little cluttered from this angle but it works for me.

Looking out from my desk.

Best of luck with the new year! Happy Teaching 🙂