Up-cycle and Cute Labels

Who said middle school classrooms had to be boring?? I’ve been seriously accessing my inner elementary teacher — something I never thought could happen!!

First I had to up-cycle my 1983 metal grayish book case that was in my room. I took it apart and lightly sanded it — not too much, just enough to make the paint stick. Then I used about 2 coats of Krylon Dual Paint and Primer in gloss black. It turned out GREAT! Sooo much better then the ugliness it was before!

I bought some cheap containers at WalMart (3 for $3.00!) and used mod podge to put some ADORABLE owl labels I downloaded off of TpT (Thanks Heather Perkins!) I love these because Heather also gives you some blanks labels as well in the the download so I’ve used them for other random things too 🙂

I love my “new” bookcase. It’s way more functional to use for supplies than it was for textbooks (which are now in my cabinets). I can also display my basketball teams from the past two years — no more basketball this year! I’ve taken on cheerleading!! Rah rah rah….


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