Up-cycle and Cute Labels

Who said middle school classrooms had to be boring?? I’ve been seriously accessing my inner elementary teacher — something I never thought could happen!!

First I had to up-cycle my 1983 metal grayish book case that was in my room. I took it apart and lightly sanded it — not too much, just enough to make the paint stick. Then I used about 2 coats of Krylon Dual Paint and Primer in gloss black. It turned out GREAT! Sooo much better then the ugliness it was before!

I bought some cheap containers at WalMart (3 for $3.00!) and used mod podge to put some ADORABLE owl labels I downloaded off of TpT (Thanks Heather Perkins!) I love these because Heather also gives you some blanks labels as well in the the download so I’ve used them for other random things too 🙂

I love my “new” bookcase. It’s way more functional to use for supplies than it was for textbooks (which are now in my cabinets). I can also display my basketball teams from the past two years — no more basketball this year! I’ve taken on cheerleading!! Rah rah rah….


Daily Organization

I like to prepare all my lessons and make copies on Sundays before the week, so having a way to organize my papers by day is essential. I was at IKEA in Plano, TX this summer and picked up some wonderful magazine files for $1.99! It was perfect because they come in a pack of 5. I spray painted them black, put some zebra print duct tape on the sides, and used mod podge to put labels (made on Word) for each day of the week. Love the way it turned out! My system I used last year was just file folders and, well, after making 100 copies for one class and 50 for another, the folders couldn’t hold it all. This will be much easier!



Random Calling {getting middle schoolers to participate}

In the world of middle schoolers, sometimes you have to BEG for classroom participation. I love to use popsicle sticks with names on it when I get no volunteers. I used mason jars, mod podge, and cute numbers from TpT (Thanks to Charly Baker!). The numbers are each class hour (1st hour, 2nd hour, etc) There comes a time in the school year when the hands start popping up as soon as students see me grab the jar 🙂

Welcome :)

I am becoming a huge Teachers Pay Teachers fan….it’s turning into an obsession! I got this great pennant banner fo’ FREE. Thanks to Amber Polk!! (Here’s a link to her download on TpT) I laminated it and hung it in the front of my room and I love it 🙂 I also love my elephant-fabric stool. It was a gift from a student last year to replace my old wobbly stool — she made it! So cute!

Oh and the air conditioner is ON in my school!! Yay!

Braving the heat

Our school district shuts off the air conditioners throughout the month of July to conserve energy…which is great…but not for someone who would spend everyday of July in her classroom if she could! Lately I’ve been sucking it up and heading in to the 80 year old building to work on my classroom. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t 110 outside (not joking) which makes my classroom on 2nd floor somewhere between 115 and 120 degrees. phew. It’s hot.

The latest project I completed was my daily agenda section of my white board. I just used painters tape I had around the house (blue and green) and a laser level! Pretty easy and I’m happy with the results. The last class (core advisory) is sort of like a homeroom class so I made it’s section a little smaller than the others. The tape is a little crooked is some places….it might of been the heat just getting to me at that point!