Summer To-Do list

Now that I’ve completed two crazy years of teaching middle school, I’ve decided it’s time to start tackling my to-do list for next year. It’s a long one — I’ve got a lot of work today before they shut off the air conditioning at the school! I might just have to tough it out and brave the 114 degree temps in there like last year. oy.

  • Clean out storage cabinets — I’ve got huge storage cabinets in my room that are not being used right now because I haven’t found a good function for them. Maybe it’s the posters of 1983?? I don’t know though….
  • Clean out file cabinets — again filled with useless papers from 20 years ago
  • My teacher’s desk — clean out, find a better place for it in my classroom
  • Planbook/Teacher binder — I’ve found some GREAT ones on other blogs. Will post pictures once I have them created
  • Tubs & drawers — NEED TO BE ORGANIZED!! Might hit up the Container Store or some garage sales once I get the cash
  • Curtains — I’m thinking black sheer??
  • Bulletin board — recover, calendar, pennant flags?? love those I’ve seen on Pinterest…I’m a pinterest junky!!
  • Order supplies from the district warehouse!
    • construction paper
    • sticky notes
    • markers
    • dry erase markers
    • scissors
    • glue sticks
    • 3-ring binders
    • push pins
    • Jumbo Post-it Posters
  • Rearrange desks into table groups
  • Create a place to display student work
  • Black borders
  • Create a color theme — I’m thinking black, gray, and yellow or black, lime green, and blue
  • Organize my unit binders
  • Create student info sheets for my teacher binder
    • Student name
    • Preferred name
    • Email
    • Parents names
    • Parent email and phone number
  • Book shelf — need more or need to better utilize the ones I have
  • Bathroom/Library passes — thinking of using wooden block letters L and R and painting them?
  • Picture frame dry erase boards — thinking of putting one in the hallway?? I have a feeling I might forget to change it though…
I’m sure the list will grow and grow! This is just what I made on the last day of school….will post pictures as I am able to check things off. 

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