Back at it…Duct Tape!!!

I’ve been at a College Board Pre-AP training in Plano, TX all week but now I’m back in Kansas and ready to get back to work in my classroom!! I got the idea of duct tape in the classroom from pinterest but the idea for this color theme came from (love love LOVE her blog on classroom organization!!). I think I’ll use the tape on my bulletin boards and other things throughout the room that it will stick too without ruining it! I’m going to use green and blue painters tape on my white boards as well. The green tape came from The Container Store (aka heaven) and the rest from WalMart. The closest Container Store to me is about 7 hours away so I was PUMPED to find out there was one in Plano!! Will post pictures of my duct tape projects as I complete them!!


Bathroom/Hall Passes

Finished my boys/girls hall passes. I made these the same way I made the library sign. The boys bathroom is right next to my classroom so it’s a pain to sign their agenda when they are going right next door. Hopefully this will solve the problem or else I’m totally overestimating the responsibility of my students. Oh what the heck, these are cute right? I can see the letters maybe falling off, I’ll probably end up just writing them on. We’ll see how they go….love being able to cross things off my list!!

Library hall pass

It can be a hassle to keep track of who is where in a middle school classroom, Especially in our “advisory” period of the day where students leave to go to the library, talk to other teachers, have organization meetings, etc. I need a better way to make sure only one kid leaves at a time….

It’s nothing fancy, but I created my own library hall pass for my classroom. I started with a simple wooden “L” from Walmart. Painted it with some leftover sample paint I had from my home. Then took some scrapbook paper I had lying around and used mod podge to stick the paper on. I have TONS of scrapbook sticker letters from college so I just found the letters I needed to stick on for “Library” and “Klassen”. Then I screwed an eyelet screw from my toolkit and tied a ribbon around. TADA! Cheap and simple, just the way I like it 🙂 I’ll hang it on a 3M hook by my classroom door. Bathroom pass is next!!


It came! It came! The letter I have been waiting for since MARCH 1ST!! I am so excited to announce that I was accepted to the Graduate School at Kansas State University. I will begin work this fall to complete a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction-Middle Level/Secondary specializing in Social Studies. That’s a mouthful! I’ve been a “wildcat” my whole life and completed my undergrad at KSU in 2010. I graduated with a degree in secondary education: social studies and a minor in leadership studies. Some people say you should not get your masters at the same institution you received your undergrad….I say, why not? I shopped around and decided that I don’t want to go back to school just to get paid more money — I want need to learn more! I need to learn more so I can teach better.

Looking forward to the future ahead of me 🙂 I’m just hoping I can juggle being a student, teacher, and cheerleading coach all at the same time!!

Summer To-Do list

Now that I’ve completed two crazy years of teaching middle school, I’ve decided it’s time to start tackling my to-do list for next year. It’s a long one — I’ve got a lot of work today before they shut off the air conditioning at the school! I might just have to tough it out and brave the 114 degree temps in there like last year. oy.

  • Clean out storage cabinets — I’ve got huge storage cabinets in my room that are not being used right now because I haven’t found a good function for them. Maybe it’s the posters of 1983?? I don’t know though….
  • Clean out file cabinets — again filled with useless papers from 20 years ago
  • My teacher’s desk — clean out, find a better place for it in my classroom
  • Planbook/Teacher binder — I’ve found some GREAT ones on other blogs. Will post pictures once I have them created
  • Tubs & drawers — NEED TO BE ORGANIZED!! Might hit up the Container Store or some garage sales once I get the cash
  • Curtains — I’m thinking black sheer??
  • Bulletin board — recover, calendar, pennant flags?? love those I’ve seen on Pinterest…I’m a pinterest junky!!
  • Order supplies from the district warehouse!
    • construction paper
    • sticky notes
    • markers
    • dry erase markers
    • scissors
    • glue sticks
    • 3-ring binders
    • push pins
    • Jumbo Post-it Posters
  • Rearrange desks into table groups
  • Create a place to display student work
  • Black borders
  • Create a color theme — I’m thinking black, gray, and yellow or black, lime green, and blue
  • Organize my unit binders
  • Create student info sheets for my teacher binder
    • Student name
    • Preferred name
    • Email
    • Parents names
    • Parent email and phone number
  • Book shelf — need more or need to better utilize the ones I have
  • Bathroom/Library passes — thinking of using wooden block letters L and R and painting them?
  • Picture frame dry erase boards — thinking of putting one in the hallway?? I have a feeling I might forget to change it though…
I’m sure the list will grow and grow! This is just what I made on the last day of school….will post pictures as I am able to check things off.